To do list – 17th Jan 2012, 5 weeks (or 37 days) to estimated departure

So, I haven’t added to my blog in a while, despite encouraging numerous people to subscribe to it.

This does not mean that I have forgotten about it. I assure you that I have had many ideas of things to write, and have bits and pieces of entries scattered about the place that are far from being ready for publishing.

Entries such as “The Red Suitcase Challenge”, “Life on Sale”, “Hannah Poole = One Fire. Learning Hangul” and “South Korea; The Things I thought I Should Ask Google About My Home-to-Be.”

I fear, however, like so many brilliant examples of creative genius, they may never find expression outside of the mind in which they were conceived.

Whilst creative expression can be liberating, the only words which seem to be migrating from mind to paper these days are “To Do” items. “To Do” items, in significant numbers, have the ability to control their host. At present there is a constant, and simultaneous flow of “To Do” items to and from the land of Hannah’s Mind. Current statistics clearly evidence net immigration resulting in positive population growth. This has put serious strain on the management of Hannah’s Mind. As such a concerted effort must be made to encourage emigration of “To Do” items from Hannah’s Mind, and the wider Republic of Hannah. Today’s census clearly highlights this problem.

To Do List

  • Get venue for farewell party Done. 
  • Invite people to farewell party Done. Schedule for Saturday 11th Feb
  • Text all the people who haven’t responded to my party invite Monday 
  • Quit work Done. Last day is Friday 10th Feb
  • Get certificate of attainment notarised Done 17th Feb
  • Get certificate of attainment apostilledSent to the Department of Internal Affairs 17th Feb
  • Get visa photosThursday?
  • Research FedEx of docs to agent Friday?
  • Finish TESOL courseDue Saturday 28th Jan 
  • Send documents to agent – Ready by end of Jan?
  • Visa processing in Korea – 5-10 days after submitted to Korea
  • Visa processing in NZ – ~5 days
  • Book flights – after visa is obtained
  • Book travel insurance – after flights booked
  • Book accommodation for first few nights? – after flights booked
  • Sell car – Feb
  • Sell bed – Feb
  • Sell drawers – Ready now
  • Sell/give away/throw out clothes – Ready now
  • Take photo of room so we can put it up for rent – Saturday
  • Transfer flat budgeting responsibilities to someone else – Ready now
  • Get off the tenancy agreement – Ready now
  • Buy marmite and other treats to take – Ready now
  • Buy thank you gifts to take – Ready now
  • Buy toothpaste, deodorant and other random toiletry items that will apparently be hard to find – Ready now
  • Research immunisations again  – Ready now
  • Visit grandparents – Schedule ASAP
  • Cancel joint credit card – when visiting grandparents
  • Visit cousins – Schedule ASAP
  • Flat hangout – Schedule ASAP
  • Best friend hangout – Schedule ASAP
  • Other important people farewells  – Schedule ASAP
  • Find a ride to the airport – After flights booked
  • Pack – Late Feb
  • Cancel car, life and contents insurance – Late Feb
  • Cancel/Forward mail to parents – Late Feb
  • Create backup of hard drive to leave in NZ – Ready now
  • Sell bike, TV, entertainment unit, shelves, DVD player, sofas, stereo, fridge, books, heater and other stuff – Ready now
  • Go up the Sky Tower – Schedule now
  • Work out what other items are still on my Auckland bucket list – Research now
  • Get glasses prescription – Thursday when in mall for photos (phone them Thursday to have them set it aside)
  • Write blog (Or at least finish and post all those pre-departure blog entries I’ve started and never sent)
  • Take cool picture for blog background (so it’s not some random Chinese picture) – Saturday
  • Give Dad power of attorney on my accounts – Research now
  • Should I write a will? – Research now
  • Work out what’s missing from my to do list
  • Establish emergency contacts list – Mid Feb
  • Exchange money for won – Mid Feb
  • Maintain daily practices conducive to general well-being i.e. work, sleep, eating, exercising, blob time, socialising and dancing continuous
Key Diary Dates
  • Wed 18th Jan – Swing dance classes recommence
  • Fri 20th Jan – Shared lunch at work
  • Sat 21st Jan – Working overtime
  • Sat 28th Jan – TESOL course expires
  • Sat 4th Feb – Workmates wedding! Super exciting ^^
  • Fri 3rd – Sun 5th Feb – Find some friends to go to the lantern festival
  • Tue 7th Feb – Dinner with friend from Aus
  • Fri 10th Feb – Last day at work
  • Sat 11th Feb – Farewell party
  • Fri 17th – Sun 19th Feb – Geon Art Deco Weekend, Napier. Road trip, dancing, friends, history, dress ups – YES PLEASE.
  • Thu 23rd-Fri 24th Feb – Estimated departure date
  • Mon 27th – Wed 29th – Orientation
  • Thu 1st Feb – Korean public holiday
  • Fri 2nd Feb – First day of work as a English Teach in Seoul!
As you can see this “To Do” issue is quite serious. If you can assist in any way, be it through practical or emotional support your contribution shall be greatly appreciated.

One thought on “To do list – 17th Jan 2012, 5 weeks (or 37 days) to estimated departure

  1. I wish I could provide you with great words of wisdom and advise to help prepare you for your Great Adventure to Korea. Sadly, I don’t feel very wise at the moment. So, Ill offer you words of encouragement that I copied and pasted from the internet “If you can dream it, you can do it!” (love cheesy quotes!). My act of encouragement is done here.

    PS: Love your work Hannah. I think its great that you are going to Korea and doing a blog!

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