Red suitcase challenge

Last Monday I went to the Korean Embassy in Auckland. It was soooo much easier than the hoop jumping I had to do to get a visa to work in the States I only had to wait in line for about a minute, before spending about 3 minutes at the counter handing over my passport, application forms and payment. I was told to return on Wednesday afternoon to collect my passport, which I did, Visa enclosed.  

Up until that point I was a little nervous about being able to obtain a visa having not yet received my official university diploma. I guess I felt it was a final opportunity for the universe to tell me not to go.  But here it was – the green light for me to go ahead.

The next night I booked my tickets. 10am Saturday 25th Feb I shall be winging my way to Seoul.

I will be picked up from the airport by an American teacher from my school who will take me straight to my apartment. I’ll have the evening to settle in, before spending Sunday exploring my neighbourhood and meeting a few people.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday will be spent on orientation. Thursday is a Public holiday, which will probably be spent hanging out with other teachers. Friday is my first official day of contracted work. This will be spent prepping for my first day of teaching which will be on Monday 5th March.

But, before all that I have to wrap things up here. I finished work on the 12th so have had a bit of time to try and tidy up my belongings, finish my travel arrangements, and spend time with friends and family.

I chose to spend my last weekend in the country in Napier for the Art Deco Festival. I went last year and loved it. Two days of dancing, dress-ups, friends, food and history. Delectable. I was mindful of the demands of the weeks ahead so took a relaxed approach to the event, enjoying the summer sun, good friends, beautiful scenery and non-Asian cuisine.

Today it was back to business. The new flatmate moves in tomorrow so I’ve had to clear and clean my room. I’m hoping she arrives later in the day, because I still have a lot to do. This was frequently interrupted by work to prep my fridge for collection, sorting through my remaining possessions and frustration with poor internet connectivity. I still have a few big ticket items to sell, small things to give away to anyone who wants them, and bags to throw in a clothing bin. The house is a mess. I’m also trying to fit in visits from friends, family, and TradeMe buyers.

My mission to be completed by Saturday morning is the red suitcase challenge. How do I fit as much as I can into my red suitcase (20kgs + carry-on). I’ve started making a pile of things I want to take with me, and next to it a maybe pile.

Lets just say I don’t think any of my maybes will be coming with me.



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