38,000 Feet over Guam

My inflight entertainment unit tells me that we’re traveling at 38,000 feet, and are currently flying over Guam. We’ve been flying 7 hours, leaving a lovely 5 to go.

I really shouldn’t have done that math. It is not encouraging.

Lunch was hours ago and I am so hungry!

I’ve got an isle seat which is great, and the wing exit is behind me leaving a little space to stand up and move around for a bit.

I am however right next to the catering facilities. There’s a lot of commotion there at the moment as hot towels are distributed to all the travellers.

I’m really hoping that commotion also produces some food.

I’m starving.

The flight booking said that lunch would be served. I really hope there is a second lunch coming (making me feel very hobbit-ish) because one meal in the first few hours of a 12 hours flight is not enough. And it would make sense for a flight that leaves at 10am and lands at 5.50pm to only serve lunch. 

 Oooh – I see plastic trays of plastic containers being distributed. I better make this quick so I can clear my tray. 

After feeling rather overwhelmed by the end of Thursday I decided to take Friday, my last day in NZ, a little slower. I didn’t achieve everything I wanted to, but I got my bags packed, I was fed, and I got to spend some time with a few friends, even if that time was spent finishing off last minute errands.

I got some sleep last night, waking up well before my alarm. Things at the airport went smooth enough, apart from a 30min delay to board. My farewell party was small but greatly appreciated. Somehow I have managed to get myself through to this point without too many tears. No doubt they will come shortly.


Time for my second lunch, another movie, then a nap before landing.


One thought on “38,000 Feet over Guam

  1. Glad you got your much needed food 🙂 Hope the flight was a good one and your arrival comfortable. Glad you had a wee farewell group at the airport, that’s always nice to see you off on your journey.

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