Yesterday was my 52nd day in Korea.

A lot has happened in 52 days, but it seems 52 weekends shall be the more telling figure of this trip.

Hours during the week seem to be split between work and the office, with not much happening in between. I’ve decided to try and get up at a normal time to make the most of the mornings before my 11am start, rather than saving up my waking hours for evenings which are spent in front of the computer in my apartment. These are my relaxing times so that I have energy for work and for the weekends.

I’m now halfway through a Neuvo Tango class, which I think has been the best thing I’ve chosen to do here. The class itself is really good, but the connections I’ve made there have already made this city so much more liveable. I now have people to wander round with on Saturday afternoons with plans now getting underway for trips outside of the city.

Korea is a much more exciting place when you have friends to share it with.

Korea is also much more inviting when the sun is shining. I had kinda been feeling like I was living in the backwaters of Seoul, especially after visiting the upmarket Gangnam and trendy Hongdae. But now that the sun is shining, my neighbourhood is starting to gain colour. Not from evergreen neon signs and billboards but with blossoms, magnolias and leaves. I went for a walk Sunday night along the Hangang right by house. The sun was setting, there were heaps of locals out exercising and enjoying what was a beautiful evening. It’s starting to look and feel like a place I would enjoy living in. Tomorrow I plan to visit Yeouido, an island in the Hangang where they are having a blossom festival. Rest assured my camera will be joining me.


One thought on “52

  1. Glad you are settling in Hannah. Japanese blossoms are beautiful so enjoy. Look fwd to the photos. it’s been all change in the office here with new team leaders and new programmes for everyone. I’m off to do some cashier work as I felt like a change. Glad you’ve met new friends through the tango class, hope you get some lovely trips out of the city. Thanks for keeping us in touch with your time in Korea, its been great to read. Take care, Tracey

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